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Why is it that women drinking tea is such a part of our culture?

Women Drinking Tea for Health and Happiness

Tea has been a soothing drink for sick, tired, or stressed people for thousands of years. It has been an excuse to gather with good friends to show off pretty clothes and share the latest shocking gossip. Because of the antioxidants most teas contain, this beverage has even become a way to practice disease prevention. Women drinking tea, cooking with tea and using tea for everything from poultices to dyes are a part of our past and will be a part of our future. To join the women throughout history who have enjoyed tea, you may want to:

  • Host a tea related event. If a tea party isn't quite your thing, try a modern twist that serves tea cocktails instead or model your event after a sophisticated wine and cheese tasting.
  • Introduce your family to tea by having pitchers of iced tea available or adding tea to favorite family recipes.
  • Try crafting with tea. Tea can be used as a dye, a substitute for sand painting crafts, or as part of your miniature dollhouse landscape.
  • Add tea bags to your first aid kit. A dampened tea bag can quickly sooth itchy skin or lessen eyelid puffiness.

Is there a way to find out more about the benefits of drinking tea?

Discovering the Benefits of Drinking Tea

It seems like everyone is talking about the benefits of drinking tea. You're especially excited about all the buzz being generated by the green tea diet and you'd love to learn more before you go out and buy a ton of different green tea products. After all, you are the person who can personally attest to the fact that the grapefruit diet and the pork rind diet are not the best options for someone who wants a healthy, balanced way to lose weight and you don't want to make the same mistake again.

To find out more about studies done on the benefits of green tea, you don't have to look any further than your television. There always seems to be a tea diet show on tv or a quick news story about the great ways green tea can improve your health. However, for someone who wants to do more research, there are several excellent resources.

Medical journals have quite a few reports about green tea in them. To gain access to the articles, you can talk to your doctor, visit your local library to ask for help locating an article database, or head to a university or medical library to flip through a few of the current issues.

For people who prefer a less technical way to catch up on green tea's benefits, there are many excellent books on the topic. The Ultimate Tea Diet , The Green Tea Book , Green Tea Health Benefits and Applications and The Green Tea User's Manual are all good choices.

Are more people drinking tea today?

People Drinking Tea in Pop Culture

Gold Peak, Snapple, Arizona...bottled and canned teas are appearing on the market so fast that tea lovers can barely keep track. Tea drinking is becoming very common in today's more health conscious world. However, these bottled teas, while a nice option for times when fresh tea isn't available, can never quite capture the taste of freshly brewed iced tea blends.

If you know someone who loves bottled tea, why not invite him or her over for an iced tea tasting event? Brew up several different tea varieties, let them chill and serve them along with a light snack to create an experience that is sure to excite the budding tea enthusiast.

For even more fun, add a few other tea beverages to the menu. Tea smoothies, the traditional Hong Kong iced milk tea made with evaporated milk and a lot of sugar and tea lattes are all tea drinks that may appeal to people that enjoy this caffeinated beverage in a bottled form.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with tea on the go, either, so you may want to have a gift basket with a travel tea pot, tea mug and an assortment of iced teas ready for your guest to take home.

Are there any green tea products that are portable?

Green Tea Products

Green tea is a wonderful beverage. However, for people who are too busy to brew a fresh pot, there are a host of other green tea products. To squeeze in your five cups worth of green tea on even the most hectic day, you should:

  • Grab a bottle of Green Tea Tropical AperiTea to take on the road. Ask the bartender to add a splash of this tea mixer to your cocktail or add it to your sparkling water for a refreshing and healthy non-alcoholic drink on the go.
  • Make up a quick pitcher of tea using the handy Organic Vibrance Iced Tea Soother pouches. Fill your thermos and head out the door.
  • Take along a small container or bag with a few spoonfuls of Matcha in it and you'll be able to add some of this delicious powdered green tea to smoothies or milkshakes for a drink so filled with nutrition and energy boosting properties that it can keep you going for several hours. Of course, if someone can provide you with hot water, you can add some Matcha to water to simply make tea, as well.

Are there any tips for drinking tea?

Drinking Tea for Better Health

When it seems like everyone has a family member or friend who's had a cancer scare, people begin to pay attention to news about antioxidants. Drinking tea for better health has become a major trend and will probably continue to grow in popularity as more and more researchers report the same results. Today, study after study shows that rats given the equivalent of four to five cups of green tea a day are able to fight cancer, lower their cholesterol and lose weight.

Since green tea is also a delicious beverage, this is one time that people can actually enjoy something that is good for them. To be sure you get the most out of your green tea experience, you should:

  • Always brew your tea according to recommendations for optimal taste. Simply plunking a tea pouch into a pot of boiling water and walking away may give you a cup of tea that leaves you with a bad impression of the beverage. Green teas that are normally wonderful to drink can become bitter if they are put in water that is too hot or left to brew for too long a period.
  • Drink your tea piping hot or ice cold. Lukewarm tea, just like any other beverage, just doesn't taste that fabulous.

Are businessmen drinking tea?

Businessmen Drinking Tea

You know a beverage has become extremely popular when everyone, from college kids hanging out on campus to high powered CEO's, jumps on the bandwagon. As they struggle with the high stress, high tech world that is today's reality, more and more businessmen drinking tea can be seen in local restaurants and coffee houses.

This newfound popularity has created an amazing change in pop culture. While people once commonly associated the word "tea" with a few older ladies or little girls dressed in their finest clothing and sitting at a table holding little china cups, some people now picture a brisk and efficient business person striding down a busy city street with a big cup in one hand and a cell phone in the other.

Most kids and teens will now grab a bottled tea as readily as they used to reach for a soda, which has the potential to create a healthier group of adults, since the health benefits of tea are widely studied and have been confirmed by many different groups of researchers.

Of course, tea parties and afternoons in a tea house are still absolutely delightful and a wonderful way to enjoy tea and hopefully will always be a part of our culture.

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