Green Tea Products

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Are there any green tea products that are portable?

Green Tea Products

Green tea is a wonderful beverage. However, for people who are too busy to brew a fresh pot, there are a host of other green tea products. To squeeze in your five cups worth of green tea on even the most hectic day, you should:

  • Grab a bottle of Green Tea Tropical AperiTea to take on the road. Ask the bartender to add a splash of this tea mixer to your cocktail or add it to your sparkling water for a refreshing and healthy non-alcoholic drink on the go.
  • Make up a quick pitcher of tea using the handy Organic Vibrance Iced Tea Soother pouches. Fill your thermos and head out the door.
  • Take along a small container or bag with a few spoonfuls of Matcha in it and you'll be able to add some of this delicious powdered green tea to smoothies or milkshakes for a drink so filled with nutrition and energy boosting properties that it can keep you going for several hours. Of course, if someone can provide you with hot water, you can add some Matcha to water to simply make tea, as well.



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