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Is The Book of Tea a good choice for me?

The Book of Tea

For someone who wants to learn about the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura is essential reading. This book may be over a century old, but it is just as fascinating and beautiful today as it was when it was first written.

The thing that makes The Book of Tea special is that it is not a classic dry instruction manual. This lovely little volume gives us a look at the old Japan in a style that is every bit as lyrical as one of Shakespeare's plays. As you read about the different tea rituals, you'll learn much more than how to brew and pour your tea. You'll also learn why tea ceremonies have such a special place in Japanese culture and you'll learn that simplicity can actually be an extremely beautiful and complicated thing.

Because this book was written during a time of drastic changes in Japan, it is sure to fascinate people who aren't interested in tea, as well. Coax the history lover in your family to pick up this little treasure and he or she will probably enjoy it every bit as much as you did because the book allows anyone who reads it to experience a bit of the old Japan through the eyes of a gifted writer.

Are tea books a good gift idea?

Give Tea Books as Gifts

You need to come up with a fantastic gift idea for someone who is tough to shop for and you're running out of time. You'd like something that is useful and enjoyable, but you draw the line at a gift card in a boring little envelope. After all, you'd like the recipient to know you put a bit of thought into the gift. Tea books may be the perfect choice, especially if you combine them with several other items. To create the ultimate gift, you will need a good tea book, a tea gift box set and a teapot.

There are many wonderful tea books, but if you are introducing the joys of tea to someone, you may want to opt for a comprehensive guide, such as The Story of Tea by Mary Lou and Robert J. Heiss or The Tea Companion by Jane Pettigrew. Combine the book with a tea gift box set that has a selection of different teas in it so that the recipient can sample a variety of teas and will be more likely to discover one he or she loves.

For someone who already loves tea, a gift basket that contains the latest Laura Child tea shop mystery, several containers of his or her favorite teas, a tea that he or she hasn't tried and a few fun tea accessories is the ideal gift.

Is there a tea book that can help me cook with tea?

Create Delicious Dishes With a Tea Book

You've got some teas that are a bit exotic for your taste, but you hate to let them go to waste. You've heard that people cook with tea, but you're not sure exactly what they do. Should you just dump a spoonful of tea in something and see what happens? Actually, while experimenting on your own is a great idea, you can find a good tea book, complete with recipes for cooking with tea.

The Tea Cookbook by Tonia George pushes the envelope a bit with its recipes for trendy cuisine. These unique recipes all have tea as one of the ingredients. This book is ideal for people who want to wow their friends with a gourmet dinner and then surprise them with the news that every dish had tea in it.

If you are more interested in a way to add green tea to your meals because you are interested in the possible health benefits of this amazing beverage, then Cooking With Green Tea by Ying Chang Compestine, is a book you'll want to add to your library.

Tea Cuisine by Joanna Pruess is a great choice for someone who just wants to enjoy tea in traditional meals with a bit of a modern twist.

Are there any green tea books that can teach me about Asian tea ceremonies?

Learn About Asian Tea Ceremonies with Green Tea Books

If you love the beautiful simplicity of Asian tea ceremonies but aren't sure how to recreate one of these serenely elegant ceremonies in your own home, you may want to do some research by reading some green tea books. Whether you have been enjoying tea for many years or you have yet to brew your first cup, you can find a book that will guide you as you try to attain the goal of a perfect tea ceremony.

To people who are new to the art of making green tea, it may seem that some of the steps in a traditional tea ceremony aren't that important. However, no matter how basic something may seem, each step should be done with the utmost care and attention to detail. Of course, no one attains perfection overnight. In fact, most people feel that you can never create the perfect tea ceremony.

Chado the Way of Tea by Sasaki Sanmi is a comprehensive guide to choosing the proper elements for a perfect tea experience. For people who are just learning about tea ceremonies, this book may be a bit overwhelming. However, if you've been dabbling in the art of the tea ceremony and have some knowledge of the different steps, then this book is a good choice.

Tea Ceremony by Shozo Sato is ideal for people who want a simple, easy to understand, book that will help them create their very first tea ceremony. While this book was written for children, it is a factual and useful guide filled with easy to understand photos and clear instructions.

Are books on tea parties helpful?

Plan a Perfect Event With Books on Tea Parties

For many people, a tea party brings fancy dresses and hats, elegant manners and royalty to mind. Young children delight in using child sized dishes to throw parties for dolls, bears and imaginary friends. Grown ups enjoy creating a tea for friends or family members. Even Alice took time out from her adventures to hang out with the Mad Hatter and a crew of crazy guests in Louis Caroll's classic children's story. To create the perfect tea party you may want to begin with books on tea parties.

As you read about the different types of parties, you'll need to decide which of them is right for you. An old fashioned English high tea is usually a lacy Victorian affair, while a classic Asian tea often is deceptively simple and extremely sophisticated.

Once you know the type of party you want to have, you'll need to choose decorations, refreshments and tea blends that enhance the theme. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, just pick up a book. Many tea party books actually include plans for planning and throwing a tea party from start to finish. You'll find help for every stage of the party, from wording for invitations to recipes for refreshments.

Are there any good books about green tea?

Books About Green Tea

You've heard quite a bit on the news about the health benefits of green tea. However, you aren't sure exactly what those benefits are or how to get the most out of the tea you are drinking. You'd love to find out more, but you don't want to spend hours tracking down articles and reading tons of unrelated information to discover the information that you need. What you need are some books about green tea.

For someone who is concerned about whether the claims of the benefits of green tea are really true, The Green Tea Book by Lester Mitscher and Victoria Toews is a good choice. This book combines information on health benefits and guidance on choosing and brewing green tea to create a useful and comprehensive guide.

If you are more interested in how to make the perfect cup of green tea, then The Green Tea User's Manual by Helen Gustaferson may be the right option for you. This book discusses green tea basics, such as how to brew green tea properly.

For people who just want to read about diets that use green tea, there are many books on the topic, such as The Green Tea Lifestyle by Keith and Gilian Bales.

How can I choose a good book about tea?

Finding a Book About Tea

As you search for a book about tea, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by what you find. Instead of finding one, or possibly two, small volumes, you've discovered a shelf full of tea related books. Now what you need is a way to narrow down the choices to find the perfect book to add to your bookshelves. To select the right tea book for your purposes, you should:

  • Think about what you want to learn. If what you want is a book about the ways tea can be added to recipes to make tasty new dishes, then you'll want to look for books like The Tea Cookbook by William Kaufman. This vintage gem contains many wonderful recipes for cooking with food. If you'd prefer a quick and easy guide to throwing a celebration, then Tea Party by Tracy Stern may be the right choice.
  • Look at reviews by other customers. By reading reviews, you'll discover that the book that has such a pretty cover has very little of interest inside it, while that blah little volume you were going to pass over is filled with fabulous information.
  • Talk to your local librarian to find out which books he or she recommends.

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