Discovering the Benefits of Drinking Tea

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Is there a way to find out more about the benefits of drinking tea?

Discovering the Benefits of Drinking Tea

It seems like everyone is talking about the benefits of drinking tea. You're especially excited about all the buzz being generated by the green tea diet and you'd love to learn more before you go out and buy a ton of different green tea products. After all, you are the person who can personally attest to the fact that the grapefruit diet and the pork rind diet are not the best options for someone who wants a healthy, balanced way to lose weight and you don't want to make the same mistake again.

To find out more about studies done on the benefits of green tea, you don't have to look any further than your television. There always seems to be a tea diet show on tv or a quick news story about the great ways green tea can improve your health. However, for someone who wants to do more research, there are several excellent resources.

Medical journals have quite a few reports about green tea in them. To gain access to the articles, you can talk to your doctor, visit your local library to ask for help locating an article database, or head to a university or medical library to flip through a few of the current issues.

For people who prefer a less technical way to catch up on green tea's benefits, there are many excellent books on the topic. The Ultimate Tea Diet , The Green Tea Book , Green Tea Health Benefits and Applications and The Green Tea User's Manual are all good choices.



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