Drinking Tea for Better Health

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Drinking Tea for Better Health

When it seems like everyone has a family member or friend who's had a cancer scare, people begin to pay attention to news about antioxidants. Drinking tea for better health has become a major trend and will probably continue to grow in popularity as more and more researchers report the same results. Today, study after study shows that rats given the equivalent of four to five cups of green tea a day are able to fight cancer, lower their cholesterol and lose weight.

Since green tea is also a delicious beverage, this is one time that people can actually enjoy something that is good for them. To be sure you get the most out of your green tea experience, you should:

  • Always brew your tea according to recommendations for optimal taste. Simply plunking a tea pouch into a pot of boiling water and walking away may give you a cup of tea that leaves you with a bad impression of the beverage. Green teas that are normally wonderful to drink can become bitter if they are put in water that is too hot or left to brew for too long a period.
  • Drink your tea piping hot or ice cold. Lukewarm tea, just like any other beverage, just doesn't taste that fabulous.



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