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Is there a recipe for sweet tea?

Recipe for Sweet Tea

You've got guests from Georgia and they will be staying in your home for an entire week. The weather is sticky and hot, just like home, so one of your guests mentioned she was craving a nice tall glass of tea. You carefully brewed a pitcher of tea and put it in the fridge to chill. Several hours later, you brought the iced tea to the dinner table. Your guests all quickly poured a glass, took a sip and set it aside. When you asked if anything was wrong, they assured you that everything was just fine, but you weren't convinced. You related your story to a friend who relocated to your area from the South several years before. He informed you that you practically poisoned your poor guests, because to a Southerner, iced tea is more like sugar with a splash of tea. Now, you need a recipe for sweet tea so you can redeem yourself.

Sweet tea really is all about the sugar. A good batch of sweet tea will turn normally calm children into bouncy yo-yo's and can rot teeth with one sip. To make sweet tea:

  • Boil two to three quarts of water.
  • Add two cups of sugar to the boiling water and stir until it is all dissolved.
  • Remove the pot from the stove.
  • Add two black tea pouches and brew for four or five minutes.
  • Remove the tea bags and chill the tea. If it tastes too strong, you can add more water.

Is there a good herbal tea recipe for cocktails?

Herbal Tea Recipe Ideas

You've heard of green tea cocktails, but you're more of an herbal tea drinker. Can you substitute herbal tea for green tea to make an herbal tea recipe for a cocktail instead? While it can be a bit more time consuming to make an herbal cocktail because you aren't able to simply use Matcha in the drink, herbal tea cocktails can be delicious.

For a great herbal tea cocktail, choose your favorite tea blend and drop a pouch of the tea into two ounces of vodka. Leave the tea pouch in the vodka for several hours and then remove it. You now have a great base for a fun herbal cocktail. Add some Peach schnapps, some tonic, or your favorite flavored liquor to finish it off.

If you don't want to wait for the tea to steep for several hours before you can mix a drink, take a look at Chamomile Citrus Berry AperiTea. This herbal tea mixer can help you create an herbal cocktail in seconds. Simply splash some of the AperiTea into a glass of gin or vodka, add a splash of tonic, give it a quick stir and you're done. You may also want to check out Orange Jasmine Mango AperiTea, which is a black tea and herbal blend.

Are there any good green tea recipes?

Green Tea Recipes for Great Food

You love green tea. Hot or cold, this refreshing beverage gives you an energy boost and, according to scientists, helps prevent cancer because of the antioxidants it contains. However, it can be hard to fit five entire eight ounce mugs of tea into your busy day and you'd like to try some different ways to consume green tea. What you need are some green tea recipes.

One of the easiest ways to fit green tea into your breakfast meal is to make a smoothie. A frozen banana, a spoonful of Matcha, a cup of yogurt and a handful of your favorite berries is one great recipe for a green tea smoothie. Matcha could also be added to fresh oatmeal or the bran muffin recipe you like to whip up once a week.

For lunch or dinner, add a cup of freshly brewed green tea or a spoonful of Matcha to your soup. Green tea is especially delicious in traditional lemon grass or hot and sour soup. For a healthy sandwich option, add a spoonful of Matcha to your favorite sandwich spread. You may also want to try using a Matcha spread on a soft tortilla shell that is filled with grilled vegetables.

Is there a good ginger tea recipe?

Ginger Tea Recipe

You've heard about the health benefits of ginger and the health benefits of green tea, so a ginger green tea blend seems like the perfect drink. However, you're having trouble finding a tea that contains both ginger and green tea. Are you going to need to make your tea blend yourself using a ginger tea recipe? Actually, while you can certainly make your own blend, you may want to take a look at a few alternative tea blends first.

White Lotus is a tea blend that combines white tea leaves, ginger and lemon myrtle. This tea blend has the same benefits green tea offers, along with the added benefit of less caffeine. To prepare your tea, heat water to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and add the tea blend. Allow it to steep for three minutes and then drink it as is or cool it and serve it as iced tea.

Ginger Twist is an herbal tea blend that includes ginger and ginseng. This blend contains antioxidants and is caffeine free.

For iced tea fans, Ginger Peach Iced Tea is sure to be popular. This tea has plenty of caffeine and will provide a great pick me up and instant refreshment. The blend is also ideal for creating a tea cocktail. Simply add a cup of iced tea to two cups of vodka for 6-8 servings.

Is there a cleansing tea recipe?

Cleansing Tea Recipe

Your alternative health doctor has recommended that you go on a cleansing diet. When he explained that it involved removing all caffeine from your diet, spots danced in front of your eyes. You explained that you'd rather be the most uncleansed person on earth if it meant not having to give up caffeine. As you started to inch your way toward the office door, your doctor reassuringly explained that a cleansing tea recipe would be okay for you to try.

Since caffeine is back on the menu, you've decided to give the cleansing diet a shot, but you want to be sure you find out about tea recipes before you start, since you may need special ingredients.

Actually, a cleansing tea recipe simply uses green tea brewed in a traditional fashion. You should avoid adding milk or sweeteners to the tea, but most experts agree that lemon should be allowed, since lemon juice actually may help detoxify the liver. To make cleansing tea, you should:

  • Avoid treated water. You're trying to remove chemicals, so it seems a bit counterintuitive to make your tea with chlorinated tap water.
  • Heat your water to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Most green teas taste best when they are brewed in water at this temperature.
  • Brew the tea for two minutes. This helps avoid a bitter aftertaste.

Is there a Chai tea recipe?

Chai Tea Recipe

Chai tea is a traditional drink in India that has become quite popular in other countries, too. The Hollywood crowd frequently can be seen with a health conscious version of this delicious drink - the soy Chai tea latte. However, before Chai tea found its way into coffee houses, it was a high calorie, refreshing beverage enjoyed by thousands of Indian residents and people visiting these fascinating country.

To make Chai tea, you can choose one of two options. You can buy a Chai tea blend or you can buy black tea and create your own Chai blend. Chai tea is simply a good, strong black tea mixed with several spices. Cardamom is always added to the tea blend and cinnamon and cloves are fairly common in Chai recipes. Ginger or whole black pepper are also sometimes added to the Chai blend.

Once you are satisfied with your Chai tea blend, it is time to prepare the tea. Simply brew a pot of tea for three minutes using water that has reached 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a strainer to pour the beverage into a pitcher so that you don't end up choking on a peppercorn. Add milk and sugar to taste.

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