Businessmen Drinking Tea

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Are businessmen drinking tea?

Businessmen Drinking Tea

You know a beverage has become extremely popular when everyone, from college kids hanging out on campus to high powered CEO's, jumps on the bandwagon. As they struggle with the high stress, high tech world that is today's reality, more and more businessmen drinking tea can be seen in local restaurants and coffee houses.

This newfound popularity has created an amazing change in pop culture. While people once commonly associated the word "tea" with a few older ladies or little girls dressed in their finest clothing and sitting at a table holding little china cups, some people now picture a brisk and efficient business person striding down a busy city street with a big cup in one hand and a cell phone in the other.

Most kids and teens will now grab a bottled tea as readily as they used to reach for a soda, which has the potential to create a healthier group of adults, since the health benefits of tea are widely studied and have been confirmed by many different groups of researchers.

Of course, tea parties and afternoons in a tea house are still absolutely delightful and a wonderful way to enjoy tea and hopefully will always be a part of our culture.



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