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Is there anything I should know about detox green tea?

Detox Green Tea Diets

When you're on a detox diet, one of the first things to go is caffeine. For some people, going without any caffeine for two or so hours is simply not an option. Hearing that they need to give up caffeine to detox makes them decide that this diet is not for them. Many caffeine lovers have modified a traditional cleansing diet to include green tea to allow them to get caffeine in the healthiest possible way. Detox green tea is prepared like any other tea. You simply brew a tea pouch in a pot of 175 degree Fahrenheit water for two minutes. However, because you're trying to be as healthy as possible, you should avoid adding sweeteners like sugar to the tea. To add more flavor, try squeezing a spoonful of lemon juice into the cup instead. Lemon is often used in a traditional detox diet, because it is said to remove toxins from your liver.

Traditionally, a detox diet also includes large quantities of water, plenty of fruits and vegetables and proteins that come from non-meat sources, such as beans. Any processed foods are avoided, which means all those convenience foods and fast food meals are off limits.

Are there any health benefits of herbal tea?

Some Benefits of Herbal Tea

When you need to relax, you immediately reach for your chamomile tea. When you have an insect bite or you need to condition your hair, you reach for store bought products to treat your problem. You never stopped to consider why you do things this way until you were dabbing medicated lotion on your itchy skin and a friend asked if it was an herbal remedy. Now, you're wondering if herbal tea can be used to improve your health.

That same chamomile tea that helps you catch some rest can be used to soothe itchy skin. Simply place your chamomile tea pouch in a cup, pour hot water over it and let it steep for four to five minutes. Let it cool slightly and lift it from the cup. Carefully press out some of the excess water and place the tea bag on the itchy area.

Chamomile tea is also said to be effective for several gastro-intestinal problems. People with indigestion and Crohn's disease have used it to relieve symptoms.

  • If you have allergies to ragweed, make sure you talk to your doctor before you use chamomile or try using African red bush tea to soothe itchiness instead. Because chamomile is related to ragweed, people with allergies may become ill from using a chamomile poultice.
  • You should also talk to your doctor if you are on a medication to thin your blood, since Chamomile has been shown to be a natural blood thinner.

Is organic green tea able to help with diabetes treatment?

Reduce Blood Sugar With Organic Green Tea

Green tea has many useful benefits. However, one of the most exciting benefits, while it has been discussed and studied for some time in Eastern cultures, is just receiving serious attention in the Western world. Studies have shown that you can actually reduce blood sugar with organic green tea.

What could be better than preventing the development of type 2 diabetes while you are enjoying a cup of delicious green tea? Even if you already have diabetes, you may want to discuss drinking green tea with your doctor. Scientists have found that indulging in this healthy habit can stop cataracts from forming in rats and think that it may work for people, too.

To follow an effective green tea regimen, you'll need to plan to drink a lot of this beverage - at least four large glasses. If you are drinking your tea in a standard tea cup, you'll need to drink a lot more, since scientists are suggesting that at least 36 ounces of tea per day is necessary for an average size adult to see results.

If you're thinking to ignore the benefits of green tea because you don't enjoy the taste, take a look at the way you brew your tea and give it another chance. A good cup of green tea is prepared by heating the water to around 175 degrees Fahrenheit and steeping it for two minutes.

What are the health benefits of tea?

Health Benefits of Tea for Arthritis Sufferers

As you slowly stand up, every inch of your body lets you know that it is not happy about your decision. You wanted to work in your garden today, but that's definitely not happening with this arthritis flare up. While your doctor has offered to place you on several medications, you're just not that thrilled with the thought of putting all those drugs into your system. However, doing nothing isn't going to work, either. You hobble toward the kitchen, to brew a cup of fresh tea. You have to wonder, though. What are the health benefits of tea for arthritis sufferers?

Researchers have found that green tea can provide relief for people suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis because of the polyphenols that this amazing beverage contains. The polyphenols may be able to help people avoid getting arthritis all together or could possibly slow down the disease's progress so that green tea drinkers develop joint pain later in life than they would have.

To get the most from your green tea regimen, talk to your doctor before you begin to be sure you know about new developments. Most people agree that you should drink at least four cups of fresh green tea a day to get results.

Are the claims I've heard about green tea and health true?

Green Tea and Health

You've heard about the relationship between green tea and health. Because it contains anti-oxidants, green tea may help prevent cancer. You've also heard that it can help you lose weight. Unfortunately, your problem is a sleeping disorder and you're pretty sure a few cups of tea aren't going to help you with that. After all, green tea is simply a caffeinated beverage, right? Actually, scientists think that green tea may help improve some problems with sleeping disorders, especially sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a disorder where people stop breathing in their sleep and usually restart the breathing process after several seconds or even a few minutes have passed. If the condition is serious, it can be a life threatening problem, but even people who have mild cases of this frustrating disorder have many aspects of their lives affected. Suddenly, driving isn't a safe option, because you might fall asleep at the wheel and cause a deadly accident after a night of very little sleep. You're staggering through life in a state of perpetual exhaustion and everything is a challenge when you are worn out. Your brain becomes affected by the lack of sleep and you may develop permanent damage to some mental abilities.

However, scientists have done studies that show that when you drink several glasses of green tea a day or take green tea capsules, your memory and cognitive ability may not become as damaged as those of sleep apnea patients who do not add green tea to their diet.

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