People Drinking Tea in Pop Culture

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Are more people drinking tea today?

People Drinking Tea in Pop Culture

Gold Peak, Snapple, Arizona...bottled and canned teas are appearing on the market so fast that tea lovers can barely keep track. Tea drinking is becoming very common in today's more health conscious world. However, these bottled teas, while a nice option for times when fresh tea isn't available, can never quite capture the taste of freshly brewed iced tea blends.

If you know someone who loves bottled tea, why not invite him or her over for an iced tea tasting event? Brew up several different tea varieties, let them chill and serve them along with a light snack to create an experience that is sure to excite the budding tea enthusiast.

For even more fun, add a few other tea beverages to the menu. Tea smoothies, the traditional Hong Kong iced milk tea made with evaporated milk and a lot of sugar and tea lattes are all tea drinks that may appeal to people that enjoy this caffeinated beverage in a bottled form.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with tea on the go, either, so you may want to have a gift basket with a travel tea pot, tea mug and an assortment of iced teas ready for your guest to take home.



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