Women Drinking Tea for Health and Happiness

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Why is it that women drinking tea is such a part of our culture?

Women Drinking Tea for Health and Happiness

Tea has been a soothing drink for sick, tired, or stressed people for thousands of years. It has been an excuse to gather with good friends to show off pretty clothes and share the latest shocking gossip. Because of the antioxidants most teas contain, this beverage has even become a way to practice disease prevention. Women drinking tea, cooking with tea and using tea for everything from poultices to dyes are a part of our past and will be a part of our future. To join the women throughout history who have enjoyed tea, you may want to:

  • Host a tea related event. If a tea party isn't quite your thing, try a modern twist that serves tea cocktails instead or model your event after a sophisticated wine and cheese tasting.
  • Introduce your family to tea by having pitchers of iced tea available or adding tea to favorite family recipes.
  • Try crafting with tea. Tea can be used as a dye, a substitute for sand painting crafts, or as part of your miniature dollhouse landscape.
  • Add tea bags to your first aid kit. A dampened tea bag can quickly sooth itchy skin or lessen eyelid puffiness.



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