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Is the art of tea really art?

The Art of Tea Inspires Artists

The art of tea has inspired many people, from jazz singer Michael Franks, who has an album with that title, to Zen Buddhists in ancient Japan. Emperors, czars and queens have enjoyed this beverage, as have peasants and merchants. It is no surprise that something that has inspired such a varied audience would also inspire the art world. Today, artists are still painting tea themed pieces and art and tea lovers are collecting them.

Michael Kungl's Art Deco style tea paintings are collected by tea lovers, Art Deco fans and people who simply love colorful art. While an original Kungl may be out of your price range, a high quality print might be just the thing to hang near your collection of Art Deco tea pots.

Lauren Hamilton and Stefania Ferri are two artists with a passion for green tea. Either artist's tranquil tea paintings would look right at home in a kitchen decorated with a natural color palette of greens and tans. The red both artists use in their palettes adds a welcome pop of color.

For people who enjoy different varieties of tea, paintings by Helen Vladykina or Charlene Audrey are a good option. Both of these talented artists have created a series of paintings about different teas.

Are there many tea cup design options?

Tea Cup Design Through the Ages

As you take a sip of tea from your favorite cup, you wonder how much tea cups differ in other times and in other cultures. Does everyone drink their tea from a pretty bone china cup or do some cultures opt for a sturdy mug more reminiscent of a coffee mug?

Actually, in today's fast paced world, quite a few people gulp down their tea from a food chain's disposable beverage cup or from a travel mug. While they may feel a bit more energetic after swallowing a dose of caffeine, they've missed what has been the point of tea for thousands of years. To many cultures, preparing tea is an art and a meditation exercise. Rushing tea or drinking it any old cup just feels wrong to people who've studied the art of the tea ceremony. However, the reality is that tea on the go is here to stay.

For those that would rather savor each sip of tea, there are many tea cup design options. The Japanese culture actually traditionally drinks tea from a bowl during ceremonies. These simple Raku bowls are prized possessions. China has delicate porcelain cups that are elaborately decorated and so thin they are almost translucent. Great Britain offers bone china cups and has quite a few lovely cups with transfer ware designs available.

How can I find beautiful tea pot art?

Beautiful Tea Pot Art

Many people collect tea pots. If you didn't positively loathe dusting, you'd be one of them. However, because you hate trying to dust a whole shelf of breakable items, you've decided to collect beautiful tea pot art, instead. You may still have to do a bit of dusting, but at least you won't have to worry about getting dust out of crevices like tea pot spouts or ornate curlicues on handles. Now that you've decided on a collection idea, you'd like to start buying a few pieces. However, you aren't quite sure where you should start. How do you find tea themed art?

One fun way to start a collection of original art is to check online auction sites, like eBay, for work by self representing artists. You can find lovely watercolor, oil, or mixed media paintings for well under $100, since these artists are usually undiscovered and are just starting to build a following. Since you don't have a lot of money invested, it doesn't really matter if you fell in love with a piece by an artist who never becomes the next Picasso.

Before you place your bid, just make sure you take the time to check the description for fine print. Sometimes, the artist mentions that he or she is selling a limited edition print instead of the original work of art or notes that the frame pictured with the painting is not included in the sale.

Is there a way to protect my Art Deco tea pot collection?

Protecting an Art Deco Tea Pot Collection

When you spend several years and a good bit of money to put a nice collection together, you want to keep your investment safe. Whether you collect antique cars or have an Art Deco tea pot collection, the procedures used to protect the collection are basically the same. To keep your Art Deco collection safe, you should:

  • Take a clear digital photo of each and every item in the collection. You may want to take several photos of each item to show different views. Print off one copy of each photo and store the rest in a digital photo organization system.
  • Make a note on the back of each printed photo that includes the item name, where you purchased it and how much you spent. Record the same information for each digital photo in the notes or title field.
  • Create a spreadsheet that lists every item, price paid, where you bought it and current value. Print out two copies.
  • Store the printed photos and a copy of the spreadsheet in a fireproof box or your bank vault.
  • Take a copy of the spreadsheet to your insurance agent and ask about having the collection insured to protect against, theft, fire, or other issues that might arise.

Can I find original tea cup art at a reasonable price?

Find Original Tea Cup Art

You've seen quite a few prints of tea related art for sale in various shops, but it just doesn't seem to have the depth of a real piece. What you want is some original tea cup art, but with an art print price tag. Is it possible to find original pieces at a budget friendly price? Actually, it is quite easy to find inexpensive art, as long as you don't mind shopping starving artist sales instead of buying from established artists.

One great place to find original pieces is Etsy, an online marketplace that only lists art and craft items that are handmade. While large paintings are still probably going to be several hundred dollars, you can find some lovely smaller pieces for under $50. Group a series of small paintings together for a display that is every bit as eye catching as a single large canvas or use several layers of mat board to frame a small piece in a very impressive format.

Another place to check for art is a local college's art department. Student sales tend to have pieces that are priced more cheaply than art gallery works, but are a bit more costly than pieces on Etsy. However, since you aren't paying shipping and handling charges, you can still find bargains.

Is there a place where I can collect Art Deco tea pots?

How to Collect Art Deco Tea Pots

Art Deco tea pots were created between 1925 and 1939, along with many other lovely Art Deco pieces. These highly collectible pieces are loved for their graceful lines and beautiful, distinctive designs. It can be challenging to find the more collectible original Art Deco pieces, because of the high demand for these appealing pots. However, with a bit of perseverance, you can put a lovely collection together.

One of the best places to look for Art Deco tea sets is an online auction site. A popular site, such as eBay, will often have 50 or more pieces available at any given time. Wade and Gibson are two of the more popular manufacturers you should keep an eye out for if you are concerned about finding pieces that appeal to you and also have resale value.

Before you catch the bidding fever, you should keep a few things in mind. When you are bidding on fragile glass or china items, you should:

  • Make sure you thoroughly read the item descriptions. A reputable seller will have listed cracks, chips, or imperfections.
  • Take a look at the shipping and handling policy. A breakable piece should always be able to be sent by insured mail so that you can be reimbursed if it meets with a tragic end in transit.

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