Chai Tea Recipe

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Is there a Chai tea recipe?

Chai Tea Recipe

Chai tea is a traditional drink in India that has become quite popular in other countries, too. The Hollywood crowd frequently can be seen with a health conscious version of this delicious drink - the soy Chai tea latte. However, before Chai tea found its way into coffee houses, it was a high calorie, refreshing beverage enjoyed by thousands of Indian residents and people visiting these fascinating country.

To make Chai tea, you can choose one of two options. You can buy a Chai tea blend or you can buy black tea and create your own Chai blend. Chai tea is simply a good, strong black tea mixed with several spices. Cardamom is always added to the tea blend and cinnamon and cloves are fairly common in Chai recipes. Ginger or whole black pepper are also sometimes added to the Chai blend.

Once you are satisfied with your Chai tea blend, it is time to prepare the tea. Simply brew a pot of tea for three minutes using water that has reached 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a strainer to pour the beverage into a pitcher so that you don't end up choking on a peppercorn. Add milk and sugar to taste.



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