Cleansing Tea Recipe

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Is there a cleansing tea recipe?

Cleansing Tea Recipe

Your alternative health doctor has recommended that you go on a cleansing diet. When he explained that it involved removing all caffeine from your diet, spots danced in front of your eyes. You explained that you'd rather be the most uncleansed person on earth if it meant not having to give up caffeine. As you started to inch your way toward the office door, your doctor reassuringly explained that a cleansing tea recipe would be okay for you to try.

Since caffeine is back on the menu, you've decided to give the cleansing diet a shot, but you want to be sure you find out about tea recipes before you start, since you may need special ingredients.

Actually, a cleansing tea recipe simply uses green tea brewed in a traditional fashion. You should avoid adding milk or sweeteners to the tea, but most experts agree that lemon should be allowed, since lemon juice actually may help detoxify the liver. To make cleansing tea, you should:

  • Avoid treated water. You're trying to remove chemicals, so it seems a bit counterintuitive to make your tea with chlorinated tap water.
  • Heat your water to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Most green teas taste best when they are brewed in water at this temperature.
  • Brew the tea for two minutes. This helps avoid a bitter aftertaste.



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