Herbal Tea Recipe Ideas

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Is there a good herbal tea recipe for cocktails?

Herbal Tea Recipe Ideas

You've heard of green tea cocktails, but you're more of an herbal tea drinker. Can you substitute herbal tea for green tea to make an herbal tea recipe for a cocktail instead? While it can be a bit more time consuming to make an herbal cocktail because you aren't able to simply use Matcha in the drink, herbal tea cocktails can be delicious.

For a great herbal tea cocktail, choose your favorite tea blend and drop a pouch of the tea into two ounces of vodka. Leave the tea pouch in the vodka for several hours and then remove it. You now have a great base for a fun herbal cocktail. Add some Peach schnapps, some tonic, or your favorite flavored liquor to finish it off.

If you don't want to wait for the tea to steep for several hours before you can mix a drink, take a look at Chamomile Citrus Berry AperiTea. This herbal tea mixer can help you create an herbal cocktail in seconds. Simply splash some of the AperiTea into a glass of gin or vodka, add a splash of tonic, give it a quick stir and you're done. You may also want to check out Orange Jasmine Mango AperiTea, which is a black tea and herbal blend.



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