Ginger Tea Recipe

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Is there a good ginger tea recipe?

Ginger Tea Recipe

You've heard about the health benefits of ginger and the health benefits of green tea, so a ginger green tea blend seems like the perfect drink. However, you're having trouble finding a tea that contains both ginger and green tea. Are you going to need to make your tea blend yourself using a ginger tea recipe? Actually, while you can certainly make your own blend, you may want to take a look at a few alternative tea blends first.

White Lotus is a tea blend that combines white tea leaves, ginger and lemon myrtle. This tea blend has the same benefits green tea offers, along with the added benefit of less caffeine. To prepare your tea, heat water to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and add the tea blend. Allow it to steep for three minutes and then drink it as is or cool it and serve it as iced tea.

Ginger Twist is an herbal tea blend that includes ginger and ginseng. This blend contains antioxidants and is caffeine free.

For iced tea fans, Ginger Peach Iced Tea is sure to be popular. This tea has plenty of caffeine and will provide a great pick me up and instant refreshment. The blend is also ideal for creating a tea cocktail. Simply add a cup of iced tea to two cups of vodka for 6-8 servings.



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