Detox Green Tea Diets

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Is there anything I should know about detox green tea?

Detox Green Tea Diets

When you're on a detox diet, one of the first things to go is caffeine. For some people, going without any caffeine for two or so hours is simply not an option. Hearing that they need to give up caffeine to detox makes them decide that this diet is not for them. Many caffeine lovers have modified a traditional cleansing diet to include green tea to allow them to get caffeine in the healthiest possible way. Detox green tea is prepared like any other tea. You simply brew a tea pouch in a pot of 175 degree Fahrenheit water for two minutes. However, because you're trying to be as healthy as possible, you should avoid adding sweeteners like sugar to the tea. To add more flavor, try squeezing a spoonful of lemon juice into the cup instead. Lemon is often used in a traditional detox diet, because it is said to remove toxins from your liver.

Traditionally, a detox diet also includes large quantities of water, plenty of fruits and vegetables and proteins that come from non-meat sources, such as beans. Any processed foods are avoided, which means all those convenience foods and fast food meals are off limits.



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