Green Tea and Health

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Are the claims I've heard about green tea and health true?

Green Tea and Health

You've heard about the relationship between green tea and health. Because it contains anti-oxidants, green tea may help prevent cancer. You've also heard that it can help you lose weight. Unfortunately, your problem is a sleeping disorder and you're pretty sure a few cups of tea aren't going to help you with that. After all, green tea is simply a caffeinated beverage, right? Actually, scientists think that green tea may help improve some problems with sleeping disorders, especially sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a disorder where people stop breathing in their sleep and usually restart the breathing process after several seconds or even a few minutes have passed. If the condition is serious, it can be a life threatening problem, but even people who have mild cases of this frustrating disorder have many aspects of their lives affected. Suddenly, driving isn't a safe option, because you might fall asleep at the wheel and cause a deadly accident after a night of very little sleep. You're staggering through life in a state of perpetual exhaustion and everything is a challenge when you are worn out. Your brain becomes affected by the lack of sleep and you may develop permanent damage to some mental abilities.

However, scientists have done studies that show that when you drink several glasses of green tea a day or take green tea capsules, your memory and cognitive ability may not become as damaged as those of sleep apnea patients who do not add green tea to their diet.



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