Health Benefits of Tea for Arthritis Sufferers

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What are the health benefits of tea?

Health Benefits of Tea for Arthritis Sufferers

As you slowly stand up, every inch of your body lets you know that it is not happy about your decision. You wanted to work in your garden today, but that's definitely not happening with this arthritis flare up. While your doctor has offered to place you on several medications, you're just not that thrilled with the thought of putting all those drugs into your system. However, doing nothing isn't going to work, either. You hobble toward the kitchen, to brew a cup of fresh tea. You have to wonder, though. What are the health benefits of tea for arthritis sufferers?

Researchers have found that green tea can provide relief for people suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis because of the polyphenols that this amazing beverage contains. The polyphenols may be able to help people avoid getting arthritis all together or could possibly slow down the disease's progress so that green tea drinkers develop joint pain later in life than they would have.

To get the most from your green tea regimen, talk to your doctor before you begin to be sure you know about new developments. Most people agree that you should drink at least four cups of fresh green tea a day to get results.



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