Reduce Blood Sugar With Organic Green Tea

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Is organic green tea able to help with diabetes treatment?

Reduce Blood Sugar With Organic Green Tea

Green tea has many useful benefits. However, one of the most exciting benefits, while it has been discussed and studied for some time in Eastern cultures, is just receiving serious attention in the Western world. Studies have shown that you can actually reduce blood sugar with organic green tea.

What could be better than preventing the development of type 2 diabetes while you are enjoying a cup of delicious green tea? Even if you already have diabetes, you may want to discuss drinking green tea with your doctor. Scientists have found that indulging in this healthy habit can stop cataracts from forming in rats and think that it may work for people, too.

To follow an effective green tea regimen, you'll need to plan to drink a lot of this beverage - at least four large glasses. If you are drinking your tea in a standard tea cup, you'll need to drink a lot more, since scientists are suggesting that at least 36 ounces of tea per day is necessary for an average size adult to see results.

If you're thinking to ignore the benefits of green tea because you don't enjoy the taste, take a look at the way you brew your tea and give it another chance. A good cup of green tea is prepared by heating the water to around 175 degrees Fahrenheit and steeping it for two minutes.



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