Finding a Book About Tea

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How can I choose a good book about tea?

Finding a Book About Tea

As you search for a book about tea, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by what you find. Instead of finding one, or possibly two, small volumes, you've discovered a shelf full of tea related books. Now what you need is a way to narrow down the choices to find the perfect book to add to your bookshelves. To select the right tea book for your purposes, you should:

  • Think about what you want to learn. If what you want is a book about the ways tea can be added to recipes to make tasty new dishes, then you'll want to look for books like The Tea Cookbook by William Kaufman. This vintage gem contains many wonderful recipes for cooking with food. If you'd prefer a quick and easy guide to throwing a celebration, then Tea Party by Tracy Stern may be the right choice.
  • Look at reviews by other customers. By reading reviews, you'll discover that the book that has such a pretty cover has very little of interest inside it, while that blah little volume you were going to pass over is filled with fabulous information.
  • Talk to your local librarian to find out which books he or she recommends.



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