Give Tea Books as Gifts

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Are tea books a good gift idea?

Give Tea Books as Gifts

You need to come up with a fantastic gift idea for someone who is tough to shop for and you're running out of time. You'd like something that is useful and enjoyable, but you draw the line at a gift card in a boring little envelope. After all, you'd like the recipient to know you put a bit of thought into the gift. Tea books may be the perfect choice, especially if you combine them with several other items. To create the ultimate gift, you will need a good tea book, a tea gift box set and a teapot.

There are many wonderful tea books, but if you are introducing the joys of tea to someone, you may want to opt for a comprehensive guide, such as The Story of Tea by Mary Lou and Robert J. Heiss or The Tea Companion by Jane Pettigrew. Combine the book with a tea gift box set that has a selection of different teas in it so that the recipient can sample a variety of teas and will be more likely to discover one he or she loves.

For someone who already loves tea, a gift basket that contains the latest Laura Child tea shop mystery, several containers of his or her favorite teas, a tea that he or she hasn't tried and a few fun tea accessories is the ideal gift.



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