Books About Green Tea

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Are there any good books about green tea?

Books About Green Tea

You've heard quite a bit on the news about the health benefits of green tea. However, you aren't sure exactly what those benefits are or how to get the most out of the tea you are drinking. You'd love to find out more, but you don't want to spend hours tracking down articles and reading tons of unrelated information to discover the information that you need. What you need are some books about green tea.

For someone who is concerned about whether the claims of the benefits of green tea are really true, The Green Tea Book by Lester Mitscher and Victoria Toews is a good choice. This book combines information on health benefits and guidance on choosing and brewing green tea to create a useful and comprehensive guide.

If you are more interested in how to make the perfect cup of green tea, then The Green Tea User's Manual by Helen Gustaferson may be the right option for you. This book discusses green tea basics, such as how to brew green tea properly.

For people who just want to read about diets that use green tea, there are many books on the topic, such as The Green Tea Lifestyle by Keith and Gilian Bales.



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