Plan a Perfect Event With Books on Tea Parties

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Plan a Perfect Event With Books on Tea Parties

For many people, a tea party brings fancy dresses and hats, elegant manners and royalty to mind. Young children delight in using child sized dishes to throw parties for dolls, bears and imaginary friends. Grown ups enjoy creating a tea for friends or family members. Even Alice took time out from her adventures to hang out with the Mad Hatter and a crew of crazy guests in Louis Caroll's classic children's story. To create the perfect tea party you may want to begin with books on tea parties.

As you read about the different types of parties, you'll need to decide which of them is right for you. An old fashioned English high tea is usually a lacy Victorian affair, while a classic Asian tea often is deceptively simple and extremely sophisticated.

Once you know the type of party you want to have, you'll need to choose decorations, refreshments and tea blends that enhance the theme. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, just pick up a book. Many tea party books actually include plans for planning and throwing a tea party from start to finish. You'll find help for every stage of the party, from wording for invitations to recipes for refreshments.



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