Tea Bag Tag Art

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Can I do anything with all the tea bag tags I've collected?

Tea Bag Tag Art

As you brew a cup of your newest tea, you can't help noticing the pretty tag on the bag. It seems like a shame to throw it away, so you add it to your collection of stuff that is too cute to toss in the trash. Several months later, you realize that you have accumulated a worrying number of tea bag and tea pouch tags. You either need to do something with them or you will have to throw them away after all. Why not make some tea bag art with your collection?

One option is to make a mixed media art piece. These small tags would be perfect on inchie collages, which are pieces of art that are one square inch. They'd also be a nice addition to a mixed media piece that pays homage to the wonders of tea. Use the tags to create a border around the edges of a canvas and paint a tea pot inside it. If you aren't artistic, simply collage a group of tea related images from catalogs and tea boxes onto the canvas.

Another option is to make a bag tag placemat using clear contact paper or laminating film. Cut a piece of poster board down to placemat size and cover the surface of the poster board with tags. Allow the piece to dry and then carefully laminate both sides with the contact paper or film.



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