Brewing the Perfect Cup With Tea Pouches

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Are tea pouches designed for a cup or a pot?

Brewing the Perfect Cup With Tea Pouches

You know how to brew a great cup of tea with a tea bag. You drop a bag into the pot for each guest and add another bag for the host or hostess. However, tea pouches are much larger than tea bags, which makes you wonder if you should be doing things a bit differently.

Actually, when you use a tea pouch to brew your tea, you should still use one pouch per cup to get the perfect tea experience. The reason the pouch is larger has to do with the size of the tea leaves rather than the size of the tea pot. The oversize pouch has enough room to hold entire tea leaves instead of having to make do with chopped leaves. In fact, the pouch is so roomy that the leaves have the room they need when they swell up in the tea water.

To avoid using a large number of tea pouches or bags, you may want to look for loose tea and a tea pot size infuser instead. You can place a teaspoon of loose tea into the infuser for each guest and then you can simply place the entire infuser into the tea pot.



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