Tea Bag Packaging Options

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Is there a tea bag packaging option for loose tea?

Tea Bag Packaging Options

You've decided that it is time to move beyond the orange pekoe tea you've known and loved for many years. As you look at different types of teas, you've noticed a scary trend. They seem to be loose. Since loose tea in your cup usually means that it is ruined by a broken bag, you're feeling a bit concerned. Aren't there tea bag packaging options for more exotic teas?

One great option that allows you to enjoy loose tea without having tea grounds filling your tea cup is to use a handy tea accessory known as the infuser. Simply place a spoonful of loose tea into the infuser and stick the infuser into the tea pot. Once the tea is brewed, lift out the infuser so you can enjoy a cup of your newest blend. While you may still see an occasional tea leaf, loose tea is usually not chopped quite as finely as some of the traditional bagged orange pekoe teas, so the leaf should be fairly easy to scoop out.

Another smart option is the tea pouch. A tea pouch holds tea leaves inside it the way a tea bag does, but is made with silk instead of the paper that most bags are made with.



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