Green Tea Bags Should Be Truly Green

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Are green tea bags really green?

Green Tea Bags Should Be Truly Green

As you brew a fresh cup of green tea, you're feeling a bit smug. While other people are drinking bottled water or grabbing a can of soda, you're choosing the environmentally smart beverage option. Green tea bags are a green choice, right? Unfortunately, you may not be as eco-friendly as you thought. Tea bags are often made without using recycled paper and green tea is not always grown organically. To be sure you are being as green as possible with your tea habit, you may need to make a few more changes. As you shop for green tea, you should:

  • Look for words like 'organic' or 'naturally grown' on the tea box or tin label. If the packaging doesn't specify that the tea is organic, it probably isn't.
  • Consider looking for loose tea. While it is packaged in a tin, it is probably a bit greener than tea bags, which were packaged individually and used paper that was not recycled.
  • Use tea packaged in tea pouches, which use an earth friendly renewable product.
  • Shop for Matcha, a powdered form of green tea, which doesn't require pouches or bags. Simply stir the powder into heated water to brew the perfect cup of green tea.



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