Enjoy Tea Without Tea Bag Holes

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Is there a better option than a tea bag?

Enjoy Tea Without Tea Bag Holes

You can't wait to take that first sip of tea. You know you'll instantly feel more relaxed and refreshed. As you lift the tea bag from the cup, you see it. One deceptively small black speck. With a sinking heart, you grab a second cup and begin carefully pouring your tea into it. As you reach the halfway point, you see yet more little specks. You were right. That tea bag had a hole in it and now your tea has been turned into a slightly bitter brew with tea leaves in the bottom of the cup. Now, you either have to drink the half a cup of less than perfect tea you've managed to pour off or you'll have to start all over again. What you need is a better tea bag.

Instead of using a poorly sealed tea bag, why not switch to a tea pouch? The tea pouch, which is sewn together to create a much sturdier seam, is a more durable option that should excite anyone who enjoys the convenience of tea bags, but is absolutely sick of dealing with torn or leaky bags. Now, you can finally brew tea without having to deal with tea leaves floating in your cup.



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