Setting a Tea Table

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Are there any tips for setting a tea table?

Setting a Tea Table

You've got a thousand and three last minute tasks to get done before the big party. You're going to wash the china, start heating water and ice cupcakes. Thankfully, the guys have offered to set up all the little tables on the patio, so that's one thing off your list. Now, you can stress out about what to put on the tables, instead. Isn't there a guidebook for setting a tea table?

Actually, between etiquette books and tea books, you can find help for every aspect of throwing a tea party. Having Tea: Recipes and Table Settings by Tricia Foley and Catherine Calvert or The Tea Table by Shelley Richardson and Bruce Richardson are both good resources for people who want to set a table properly.

If you aren't worried about creating a perfectly set table, why not have fun with the process? Cover the table with a white cloth. Top it with a second, smaller patterned cloth. Place a plate at each seat and set a tea cup upside down on each plate. Position the tea cup saucer on top of the upside down cup and place a cupcake on it. Tuck the silverware and a colorful napkin in a silverware pocket that you created yourself by cutting a tea pot shape out of paper and gluing a pocket to the front of it.



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