How to Display Tea Cup Art

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Is there a good way to display tea cup art?

How to Display Tea Cup Art

Tea cups have been appearing in art for hundreds of years. For tea lovers, tea cup art can be a really great way to display a love of this wonderful beverage. Whether you shop for quality art prints or modern artwork, an art collection has one big problem. Anyone who collects more than one or two pieces will need to get creative to find ways to display all these lovely pieces. To display your tea related art, you should:

  • Think past your walls as you look for places to hang art. In the kitchen, cabinets that aren't completely built in may have a foot or so of space above them. Simply lean paintings against the wall on top of the cabinets and you'll have plenty of colorful art to enjoy with your morning cup of tea.
  • Take a look at the tops of book shelf units or entertainment system units. You may want to line up a row of paintings across the wall behind these pieces and place a few tea pots or tea cups in front of the paintings for added depth and interest.
  • Remember window frames, door lintels and other moldings. If the moldings are deep enough, you can easily prop a few small works of art on top of them.



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