Loose Leaf Herbal Teas and Food

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Can I use loose leaf herbal teas in recipes?

Loose Leaf Herbal Teas and Food

You know that there are foods that use green or black teas right in the recipe, but you'd like to try to use some of your favorite loose leaf herbal teas. However, you don't want to create unappetizing meals, either. You need some ideas for ways to use herbal tea in your menus.

Herbal teas are just as easy to add to recipes as green or black teas are. Simply think about the flavor of the tea you'd like to use and how it complements the foods you usually drink it with. For example, a delicious lavender tea usually goes well with a variety of desserts. Try substituting a bit of lavender tea for water in your lemon sponge cake or your famous vanilla cupcakes. Chamomile tea leaves can be a great way to enhance your favorite shortbread recipe.

Mint has been paired with lamb for centuries, but it also is delicious with pork. Try substituting a cup of brewed mint tea for some of the liquid in a dish or adding a teaspoon of dried mint tea to a pork rub. Mint tea leaves can also be surprisingly delicious in salsa or some salad dressings.

Don't forget soups. Lemon balm and mint are both commonly used in many soup recipes.



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