The Importance of Japanese Tea Ceremonies

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Why are Japanese tea ceremonies important?

The Importance of Japanese Tea Ceremonies

You've recently become a big fan of green tea. As you drink your third cup of the day, you decide you'd like to know more about the history of this healing beverage and traditions surrounding it. Do other cultures drink green tea because of its health benefits? Actually, while the Japanese culture originally drank tea for its medicinal qualities, it has now become much more than a health drink. For hundreds of years, Japanese tea ceremonies have become an important exercise for those who are seeking to reach enlightenment.

When someone hosts a tea ceremony, he or she tries to create a perfect experience for the ceremony guests. While someone who is not familiar with the Japanese culture may think it is simple and easy to create a perfect ceremony, the truth is that it may not actually be possible. Those who practice the art of tea for decades will be the first to say that they are still learning how to have a perfect ceremony.

Because the practise of serving tea to guests has taken on religious overtones, some people make the mistake of thinking that they cannot hold tea ceremonies without being Buddhist. However, since a tea ceremony also has to do with sharing your experience with other people and with the beauty of the ceremony, anyone can enjoy hosting a Japanese tea ceremony.



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