Red Tea History of Africa

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What is the tea history of Africa?

Red Tea History of Africa

Someone mentioned to you that he was reading about an African tea called Rooibos, or red tea, in a mystery. You were a bit surprised because you thought tea only came in green and black. Now, you'd like to learn more about the tea history of Africa.

While red tea has been enjoyed in Africa long before the arrival of Europeans, it wasn't actually used by the Dutch arriving in the area until the 1800's, mostly because they rarely tried to learn more about local cultures. However, when these people migrated to Africa, they brought their love of tea with them. Since importing black tea to Africa from China was quite expensive and time consuming, they began paying attention to the hot beverage that local tribes drank.

Red tea didn't really become popular until an enterprising Russian emigrant began selling it to local Europeans and importing it overseas in the early 1900's. He encouraged other local settlers to create tea farms to keep up with the demand for this slightly sweet beverage, which is actually an herbal tea and is naturally caffeine free.

While it is not as popular, there is a second indigenous tea produced in Africa, as well. People who like a naturally sweet beverage would probably enjoy honeybush tea.



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