Thai Tea Recipe

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Is there a Thai tea recipe I could make at home?

Thai Tea Recipe

If you visit Thailand and ask for some tea, someone may hand you a tea leaf and then pop one in his or her own mouth. This tradition of chewing a Miang tea leaf that is salted is enjoyed by many Thai people. However, there are other Thai tea recipes that are created in a more traditional fashion. If you want a refreshing beverage during your visit, you'll just have to clarify your request by asking for Cha Yen, which is a delicious Thai version of iced tea.

The traditional beverage uses a very cheap, very strong black tea grown in Thailand, but if you prefer a tea that isn't quite as strong, you can use your favorite black tea instead. Simply add another tea pouch to the pot and then brew the tea as you normally would. Then, add a cup of sugar to the pot of hot tea. Chill the tea and then pour it into cups filled with ice. Add about an inch of evaporated milk and enjoy a refreshing drink.

If you don't like the taste of your tea, you may want to try using half and half instead of evaporated milk to top off your glass.



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