Serving Oolong Tea

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Is Oolong tea served the same way as other teas?

Serving Oolong Tea

You've decided to give oolong tea a try, but you aren't quite sure how this tea is traditionally brewed or where it comes from. However, you do know one thing for sure. This tea has to be a black tea, right? Actually, oolong tea, which is produced in Taiwan and China, is not quite black. It isn't quite green, either. Oolong tea is processed in a completely different manner than the other types of tea. It is fermented like black tea, but the fermenting process isn't finished. Instead, the people processing the tea stop fermenting the leaves and begin processing them in a way that is similar to the way green tea is processed, which involves rolling the leaves and heating them.

Brewing the tea is very similar to the way you prepare most green teas. You should heat the water to 185-195 degrees Fahrenheit and allow the tea to brew for 3 minutes on the first brew, 4 minutes on the second, and 5 minutes on the third.

To serve oolong tea, you should shop for a miniature gung fu tea pot and cups. This tea is very flavorful and is meant to be sipped slowly, so you should not use the full sized pot or larger cups that you typically use when serving tea.



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