Using a Sealable Tea Pouch

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Is there a way to use a sealable tea pouch with my loose tea?

Using a Sealable Tea Pouch

You love the variety available when you shop for loose tea. The blends available seem to be almost limitless and just shopping for new tea seems like an adventure. You also love the beautiful tins that most loose teas come in. They seem to really keep the tea fresh and when the tins are empty they are a great way to organize small things, from craft supplies to a child's hair accessories. However, you also love the convenience of a tea bag, especially when you are on the go. It is a lot harder to tuck a tin of loose tea and an infuser in your briefcase or purse than it is to slip in a few tea bags. You're going to invent a way to put some of your loose tea in bags yourself.

Actually, someone has already invented a handy way to bag up loose tea. With a sealable tea pouch, you can quickly go from a tin of loose tea to a tin of bagged tea in minutes. T-Sac filter bags are sturdy, easy to use bags designed to hold loose tea for brewing.

For people who hate to use five or six bags in a single pot of tea, there is a handy pot size bag available, as well. Since the bags come in boxes of 100, you'll be able to make quite a dent in your loose tea collection before you need to place a new bag order.



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