Create a Traveling Tea Kit With a Tea Pouch

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Is a tea pouch easy to use when I am on the road?

Create a Traveling Tea Kit With a Tea Pouch

You are exhausted after a long day of traveling and you can't wait to sit down to a nice cup of perfectly brewed tea. Unfortunately, you seem to have chosen a hotel managed by coffee drinkers, because your request for a pot of fresh tea is met with a cup of semi-hot water and an orange pekoe tea bag. You request hotter water and finally manage to actually brew a cup of tea, but it certainly doesn't taste like your usual blend. What you need is a traveling tea kit.

If you know you will be staying somewhere with access to hot water and tea pots, you can simply bring along tea pouches of some of your favorite tea blends. A tea pouch can easily be sealed in a small storage bag and tucked into a purse or briefcase for emergency tea breaks.

People who need tea breaks in areas without easy access to hot water will want to pack a bit more than a tea pouch or two. To be able to brew the perfect cup of tea, you'll need to put together a kit that includes a handy travel tea pot filled with fresh water and a water heating element.



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