Make Iced Tea Fast With a Tea Pouch

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is a tea pouch good for iced tea?

Make Iced Tea Fast With a Tea Pouch

You literally need to make enough iced tea for a football team and you can't afford to ruin a batch of tea because a tea bag ripped. You also don't want the tea to taste vaguely like a paper bag, as it sometimes does. What you need is a smart way to make great tasting iced tea fast. One great option is the tea pouch.

A tea pouch is made with a silk material that doesn't leave your freshly brewed tea with that unpleasant paper bag taste. The pouch's design makes it a great option for brewing a large amount of tea. The wide pouch helps more water come in contact with the tea leaves than the traditional small tea bag design allows. Also, since the leaves are full size leaves instead of chopped up pieces, you can be sure the pouches are filled with top quality tea. This means your tea may be stronger and more flavorful than iced tea brewed from bags.

For the best result, look for teas that taste great chilled, such as Classic Black, Ginger Peach, or Green Tea Tropical blends. Of course, other tea blends make great iced tea, too. If you aren't quite happy with the way your tea turned out, don't pour the pitcher down the drain. Just add some juice and sparkling water to make tea punch, instead.



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