Brewing a Perfect Pot Without Tea Bags

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Are tea bags the best choice for tea pots?

Brewing a Perfect Pot Without Tea Bags

When you're a tea lover, you want everyone to be able to enjoy the same soothing rituals you indulge in each day. Small get togethers are the perfect time to share the refreshing taste of a good cup of tea with your friends. For people who aren't fans of loose tea, tea bags used to be the obvious option. To brew a pot of tea, you'd break open a box of tea bags and add one bag for each guest to the pot. Then, you'd add the traditional extra bag for the pot. While you use tea bags up pretty rapidly with this method, it is fairly easy. However, just one tea bag with a hole in it or one tea bag tag getting into the pot and brewing along with the tea can ruin an entire pot. Tea pouches are a better option for a quick and easy way to create a good pot of tea.

When you brew a pot of tea with a tea pouch, you can choose just one pouch instead of dropping a quarter of a box of small tea bags into the pot. With these sturdier silk bags, you won't have to worry about having tea grounds leak into the pot. The bags are much less likely to leak than standard tea bags because of the way they are made. Also, since they are filled with whole tea leaves instead of chopped up leaves, it is unlikely that the leaves would end up in the pot even if there was a leak.



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