Green Tea Restaurants

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Are there green tea restaurants?

Green Tea Restaurants

You've noticed some interesting tea shops on your travels, but you aren't interested in traditional British tea blends, so you never bothered to stop in. What you'd like to find are some green tea restaurants, but you're beginning to wonder if they exist. Are you going to have to give up on your quest to find a tea shop serving Dragonwell tea and just settle on drinking a cup of English Afternoon tea at the tea shop around the corner?

Actually, even if they look like they've been lifted right out of a painting of Victorian England, tea shops almost always have quite a few tea choices on the menu. In fact, many tea shop owners believe in encouraging people who seem stuck in a rut to try new teas. This practice is good for business because customers who become more interested in tea will visit the shop more frequently. Also, a customer that tries something new will often head to the shop's store area to buy a tin or box of the tea to take home.

If you just can't handle drinking green tea in a Victorian style tea shop, then you may want to check out Asian restaurants in your area. While some serve green tea that is the equivalent of the lukewarm, badly brewed orange pekoe in restaurants that serve American cuisine, there are some Asian restaurants that serve excellent green tea.



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