Food to Serve With Tea

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Are there any tips for food to serve with tea?

Food to Serve With Tea

When you have a tea shop, your primary consideration is the tea, right? After all, anyone who comes to the shop is there because he or she loves tea and wants to spend some time relaxing with a nice cup of his or her favorite blend. While tea certainly should be one of the main focuses of a successful tea shop, there is another component that you need to think about: food. A tea shop that serves terrible food is not going to do well even if the owner makes the most wonderful cup of tea on earth.

Food to serve with tea is usually not too elaborate. While traditional tea sandwiches are an obvious menu choice, why not have some fun with updated versions of these foods? Cream cheese cucumber tarts or chicken salad on toast points are both options that use traditional fillings, but look a bit more modern than tiny sandwiches.

Pastries are also commonly found on tea shop menus. Scones, a variety of flatbreads, muffins and small cakes all go well with most teas. Unless the shop has a full time pastry chef, meringues and other time consuming pastries aren't the best additions to the menu.



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