Tea Kettles for Restaurants

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Are tea kettles a good idea for restaurants?

Tea Kettles for Restaurants

You've decided to host afternoon teas at your restaurant and are looking for all the different things you need to have a successful tea. You can just boil water in one of your big stock pots, but successful teas are all about the ambiance, so you're looking for some attractive tea kettles, instead.

While you can easily find some of the typical tea kettles that sit on the stove in residential kitchens, there is another option that is perfect for setting the perfect mood for a relaxing tea. A Shizuku water kettle is a lovely iron kettle reminiscent of kettles used to heat tea water in ancient Japan. When you heat water in a graceful, attractive kettle like this, you can proudly carry it into the dining area to fill tea pots with water that has been heated to the right temperature.

This kettle also makes a wonderful prop for promotional talks about the history of tea or Japanese tea ceremonies. After all, while a lovely porcelain tea pot would make a nice prop, too, carrying anything breakable from place to place can lead to chips, cracks, or even shattered pieces. The durable iron kettle can easily handle being bumped about a bit by a less than careful helper and won't break into hundreds of tiny fragments if it is dropped.



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