Estimating Tea Caffeine at Restaurants

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How can I decide the tea caffeine amount in the teas the restaurant has on the menu?

Estimating Tea Caffeine at Restaurants

You're trying not to drink too much caffeine and have been keeping track of the amount of caffeine in the teas you are brewing at home. However, you'll be spending a week on the road and you'd like to be able to figure out the amount of tea caffeine in the beverages you order at restaurants along the way. Is there an easy way to estimate how much caffeine the tea is going to have? Actually, you can be pretty accurate with caffeine estimates by looking at the type of tea being offered.

Herbal teas have many medicinal properties, such as helping you relax or boosting your brain power. However, most of them do not contain caffeine. If you are worried about caffeine amounts, ask for chamomile, verbena, or mint teas.

  • African teas, such as red tea or honeybush blends, are actually herbal teas as well. They are caffeine free and have the added benefit of being naturally sweet tasting, so you can cut back on sugar, too.
  • White teas, such as White Lotus, have very little caffeine. One of these teas is a good choice for someone who doesn't want to relax, but doesn't want to get a big energy surge, either.
  • Green teas, such as Dragonwell, provide enough caffeine to help you avoid an after lunch energy slump, but are still much lower in caffeine than high caffeine teas or coffee.
  • Black teas have the highest caffeine. If you're trying to kick a caffeine habit, you probably shouldn't be indulging in black teas, unless you are trying to wean yourself off of coffee.



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