Gourmet Tea Education for Restaurants

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Can I convince my favorite restaurant to serve gourmet tea?

Gourmet Tea Education for Restaurants

If you are a gourmet tea lover, you're quite used to that sinking feeling you experience when the waiter brings you a bag of orange pekoe tea and a lukewarm pot of water in response to your request for a cup of piping hot tea. While it may not be worthwhile to talk to every restaurant you visit about the joys of tea, you may want to try to educate restaurants you visit frequently by showing them the difference between a cup of lukewarm barely brewed orange pekoe and a cup of perfectly brewed Celebration black tea. To convince your favorite restaurant to add decent tea to the menu, you should:

  • Ask if you can show the person in charge of beverage choices the difference between the very unappealing tea you were just served and the type of tea you regularly drink. You may have to visit the restaurant outside of regular dining hours to do so, so be prepared to mention your flexible schedule.
  • Dig out your emergency tea pouch stash and ask for water that has been heated to the correct temperature so that you can brew some decent tea.
  • Many restaurants simply list "tea" on the menu, and stock only one sub-standard orange pekoe. Bring along several kinds, like Orange Dulce and Green Tea Tropical, and encourage the restaurant to stock a variety of teas.
  • Encourage the beverage steward to take a sip of the tea the restaurant served and then offer a sip of each of the teas you brewed using your tea pouches. Point out that a good tea can complement a meal and enhance flavors just as a good wine can.



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