Tea Recipes for Cocktails

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Tea Recipes for Cocktails

You feel like all you ever do is serve the same three or four cocktails at your dinner parties. Everyone wants a Cosmopolitan or one of those drinks with a slightly risqué name. If you hear one more person say, "Shaken, not stirred," after they ask for a drink, you might just break down and cry. Shaken? Maybe you need to shake more than a cocktail. Shake up the cocktail choices at this week's dinner party by informing your guests that you're only serving tea cocktails.

When you use AperiTea, tea flavored mixed drinks are easy to make. Follow a few of these simple tea recipes for cocktails that are so delicious that they may just get your guests to fall into a brand new drink order rut.

  • Create a delicious Tea Shirley Temple with three ounces of club soda, one ounce of Orange Jasmine Mango AperiTea and the traditional maraschino cherry topper.
  • Make a Fruit Tea martini with two ounces of vodka, one half ounce of peach schnapps, and one ounce of Orange Jasmine Mango AperiTea.
  • Stir up a Green Citrus martini with two ounces of vodka, one half ounce lemon juice and one ounce Green Tea Tropical AperiTea.



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