Tips for Perfect Tea in a Tea Kettle

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Can I brew good tea using a tea kettle?

Tips for Perfect Tea in a Tea Kettle

You just purchased a tea kettle and you want to brew the perfect cup of tea. You fill the kettle from the tap, set it to boil and then pour it into a cup that already has tea leaves in the bottom. Then, you take a sip. It isn't that good. Disappointed, you put the kettle on again, only to find that your next cup is just as bad. What are you doing wrong? Is it the new kettle? Actually, it could be partially a problem with the kettle, but there are other things that you may want to try to improve your tea experience, too.

First, rule out issues with the tea kettle. Did you follow manufacturer instructions for seasoning the kettle before its first use? Many times, the manufacturer will recommend boiling a kettle of water and pouring out the boiled water before you use it for the first time. This can help you avoid a strange, metallic taste in your tea.

Next, try a different water source. Spring water may be a better source for your tea water, especially if your tap water has been heavily treated with chemicals such as chlorine.

Finally, take a look at your tea blend's brewing instructions. If you are brewing a tea that is best in 175 degree Fahrenheit water you may need to allow the tea water to cool somewhat before adding it to the mug.



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