Tea Cup Design Through the Ages

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Are there many tea cup design options?

Tea Cup Design Through the Ages

As you take a sip of tea from your favorite cup, you wonder how much tea cups differ in other times and in other cultures. Does everyone drink their tea from a pretty bone china cup or do some cultures opt for a sturdy mug more reminiscent of a coffee mug?

Actually, in today's fast paced world, quite a few people gulp down their tea from a food chain's disposable beverage cup or from a travel mug. While they may feel a bit more energetic after swallowing a dose of caffeine, they've missed what has been the point of tea for thousands of years. To many cultures, preparing tea is an art and a meditation exercise. Rushing tea or drinking it any old cup just feels wrong to people who've studied the art of the tea ceremony. However, the reality is that tea on the go is here to stay.

For those that would rather savor each sip of tea, there are many tea cup design options. The Japanese culture actually traditionally drinks tea from a bowl during ceremonies. These simple Raku bowls are prized possessions. China has delicate porcelain cups that are elaborately decorated and so thin they are almost translucent. Great Britain offers bone china cups and has quite a few lovely cups with transfer ware designs available.



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