Find Original Tea Cup Art

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Can I find original tea cup art at a reasonable price?

Find Original Tea Cup Art

You've seen quite a few prints of tea related art for sale in various shops, but it just doesn't seem to have the depth of a real piece. What you want is some original tea cup art, but with an art print price tag. Is it possible to find original pieces at a budget friendly price? Actually, it is quite easy to find inexpensive art, as long as you don't mind shopping starving artist sales instead of buying from established artists.

One great place to find original pieces is Etsy, an online marketplace that only lists art and craft items that are handmade. While large paintings are still probably going to be several hundred dollars, you can find some lovely smaller pieces for under $50. Group a series of small paintings together for a display that is every bit as eye catching as a single large canvas or use several layers of mat board to frame a small piece in a very impressive format.

Another place to check for art is a local college's art department. Student sales tend to have pieces that are priced more cheaply than art gallery works, but are a bit more costly than pieces on Etsy. However, since you aren't paying shipping and handling charges, you can still find bargains.



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