The Art of Tea Inspires Artists

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Is the art of tea really art?

The Art of Tea Inspires Artists

The art of tea has inspired many people, from jazz singer Michael Franks, who has an album with that title, to Zen Buddhists in ancient Japan. Emperors, czars and queens have enjoyed this beverage, as have peasants and merchants. It is no surprise that something that has inspired such a varied audience would also inspire the art world. Today, artists are still painting tea themed pieces and art and tea lovers are collecting them.

Michael Kungl's Art Deco style tea paintings are collected by tea lovers, Art Deco fans and people who simply love colorful art. While an original Kungl may be out of your price range, a high quality print might be just the thing to hang near your collection of Art Deco tea pots.

Lauren Hamilton and Stefania Ferri are two artists with a passion for green tea. Either artist's tranquil tea paintings would look right at home in a kitchen decorated with a natural color palette of greens and tans. The red both artists use in their palettes adds a welcome pop of color.

For people who enjoy different varieties of tea, paintings by Helen Vladykina or Charlene Audrey are a good option. Both of these talented artists have created a series of paintings about different teas.



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