Protecting an Art Deco Tea Pot Collection

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Is there a way to protect my Art Deco tea pot collection?

Protecting an Art Deco Tea Pot Collection

When you spend several years and a good bit of money to put a nice collection together, you want to keep your investment safe. Whether you collect antique cars or have an Art Deco tea pot collection, the procedures used to protect the collection are basically the same. To keep your Art Deco collection safe, you should:

  • Take a clear digital photo of each and every item in the collection. You may want to take several photos of each item to show different views. Print off one copy of each photo and store the rest in a digital photo organization system.
  • Make a note on the back of each printed photo that includes the item name, where you purchased it and how much you spent. Record the same information for each digital photo in the notes or title field.
  • Create a spreadsheet that lists every item, price paid, where you bought it and current value. Print out two copies.
  • Store the printed photos and a copy of the spreadsheet in a fireproof box or your bank vault.
  • Take a copy of the spreadsheet to your insurance agent and ask about having the collection insured to protect against, theft, fire, or other issues that might arise.



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